‘BFF believes that breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful act that should be supported, not just on the individual level, but also on the societal and        corporate level.’


Towards an inclusive society

In effort to create a more inclusive public realm for nursing and pumping mums, BFF aims to promote the idea that mothers have the right to breastfeed in whatever manner that is comfortable for them.


Creating a network of support

BFF acts as a one stop platform for mothers to locate establishments that welcome breastfeeding openly at their premises. We engage cafes and restaurants to pledge to our cause and list the amenities that are available at each establishment so that mummies can nurse conveniently and confidently while on-the-go.


Because your voice matters

BFF acts as a collective platform for mothers to gather and raise feedback to private establishments through our rating and review mechanisms. The feedback also helps other mothers choose their outing venue wisely.

Apart from offering nursing and pumping mums a safe and welcoming place to spend their time, BFF also seeks to educate the public about breastfeeding and to cultivate a new generation of open-mindedness and acceptance for these mums.

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