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The Studio Loft

It’s no secret that every mummy is at least slightly obsessed with her baby. With their cute puffy cheeks, chubby arms and that disarming winsome smile, it’s no wonder that mummies are always a little starry-eyed about their babies.

We all know too well though, that babyhood lasts too short a while. Before they lose their adorable little baby fat and start babbling a hundred words a minute, why not immortalise your favourite moments?


The Studio Loft, a proud sponsor of BFFsg, is an established professional photography studio with an all women team focused on creating beautifully simple, fun yet real images that tell a story of you and your family. They specialise in maternity, newborn, children and family portraiture and aim to help you create artistic memories that are natural and honest representations of love and family.


The Studio Loft has a variety of packages that cater to families of different shapes and sizes. If yours is more of an outdoorsy and active kind of family, you may even request for an outdoor shoot! Here are a few of their special packages:

Bloom is a cosy studio session for pregnant women with a lady photographer who’s a mother herself. If you are adventurous, you can opt for an artistic nude session to show off your blooming curves! Husbands and elder children or even pets are encouraged to join in the photo session. The best time for a Bloom shoot is anytime after your 33rd week.

Teeny Weeny is a 2-hours photo session for your newborn under 2 weeks old. Be prepared for lots of waiting, feeding, peeing and sometimes, poop happens as well. But they are only this tiny once in their lifetime, so try not to miss the newborn session!

The Little Big Shots package is for babies/kids and can be extended to a family shoot by paying $15/head for every additional family member.

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For more information on The Studio Loft and the work that they do, check out their website here


See you there!



Children in Singapore, even the littlest ones often have their schedule jam packed with educational program, music classes and other kinds of enrichment. There is no lack of such activity providers with scores of new centres opening up everyday. Sometimes though, kids just want to have fun, and there’s no better place to have fun than at GIGGLES Indoor Playground!

GIGGLES facilities include a SONA (An Interactive Playground System), an Activity Tower, as well as SNUG Play which promote active bonding between parents and their children. Most recently, they even added the GIGGLES Play House, which consists of an indoor water play area and a multi-sensory room. The latter is part of what sets GIGGLES apart from other indoor playgrounds. Though all are welcomed at the multi-sensory room, it was brought in to cater to children with special needs who may respond better to specific kinds of sensory play.


GIGGLES has a passion for special needs children and since its conception, has worked on many charitable projects in effort to support them. In the same vein, it has developed its own play-based enrichment program designed for children aged between 3 to 8 years old, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) or other specific learning disabilities. Aptly named the Joy of Learning Program, it provides an individualised program for every child, based on their interests and needs. Further, It is a child-centered and relationship-based program incorporating The Son-Rise Principles.

The program aims to develop each child to become socially successful, motivated and independent. The facilitators seek to enter the child’s world by playing with them in order to develop their interest in learning. With this approach, GIGGLES hope to employ a loving, nurturing, and accepting way of letting children develop their interest to learn.


Sessions will be conducted once a week at the GIGGLES Play House with an option of 1 hour or 2 hour classes, after which the children are free to enjoy GIGGLES at no extra cost. Here are some quotes from testimonials written by parents who have children in the program:

The Son Rise Program is probably the safest environment your child can possibly be in, it is a place where he/she can come out of their comfort zone and just be themselves and be celebrated for it. In the playroom with Adam, I have observed Faith and Laura work on areas that not only promote Adam’s abilities, but also challenge him whenever he gives them a ‘green light’. Adam has amazing eye contact with Faith and Laura and he enjoys playing with them. He’s also lets them into his world and this was greatly fostered by the joining and celebration technique.

– Mother of Adam S.

Giggles’ playroom provides Nicholas, a child diagnosed with Autism, with an opportunity to play with a loving adult that’s outside his own family. A loving and accepting environment allowed him to step out of his comfort zone and appreciate the joy of play, interacting with people as well as stretch his flexibility. It has increased his confidence in initiating conversation with other children.

– Rowena and David

To find out more about this wonderful program, head over to!


Hegen to the Rescue!

Hegen_Family_v2Breastfeeding, as we know it at BFFsg, is a wondrous and beautiful experience between mother and child. Yet behind the flushed glow of a proud mama and the contented sigh of her baby, lies an uphill battle and a lot of hard and sometimes dirty work.

Enter Hegen, one of BFFsg’s amazing Champion sponsors!

In an effort to enhance the breastfeeding experience for mothers and their babies, Hegen aims to simplify and complement the nursing experience through its specially designed products. They designed their products to enhance user experience, seamlessly combining breast and bottle feeding while minimising nipple confusion. This way, both mama and baby can be kept happy without a single drop of mama’s goodness going to waste.

By simplifying and complementing the nursing experience, Hegen ensures that babies get the best nutrients in their diet while turning nursing into a positive bonding experience that both mother and baby can enjoy. With their revolutionary, practical, and multi-functional designs that encourage a sustainable and hassle-free breastfeeding lifestyle, mothers can be better equipped to carry on breastfeeding for as long as they wish.

Hegen has generously sponsored a pair of Hegen SG50 PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage Containers for all of our registered mummy participants at the Breast Friends Forever Gathering Launch Event on 28th February as well as our other upcoming BFF gatherings!

Hegen SG50 PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage (150ml)

SG50 Bottle

  • Hegen’s first-of-its-kind soft-square shape stackable shape is also ergonomically designed to make it easier for babies to hold. Its containers nestle together when empty and stack neatly when filled for an instant milk storage system that leaves you with more room for your daily essentials. The breastmilk container storage lids feature snap-on interconnecting buttons for smart organisation.
  • Air-tight and leak-proof, Hegen’s ergonomic space efficient shape makes the best use of space while sealing nutrients in. Made out of glass like Tritan material without the associated breakability and weight, Tritan is free of BPA, EA, AA, PVC & Phthalates.
  • The modular design of the bottle allows you to Express-Store-Feed in a single container by simply swapping adapter or lids. No more wasteful transfer of milk necessary, making every drop count! A Hegen is both aesthetically pleasing and inherently functional!

Thank you Hegen for your kind contribution!

Mummies, here are some special deals you should be looking out for:

Takashimaya Baby Fair 2016 (9th March to 27th March)

Special Gift with any purchase
FREE Teether (worth $10.80) with any purchase

Weekly Specials

Week 1 Special (9th March to 13th March):
FREE Pair of Hegen Breast Pump Adapters (worth $23.80) with every purchase of Hegen Breastmilk Storage Containers (6-pack)

Week 2 Special (14th March to 20th March):
FREE Pair of Hegen Teats (worth $12.80) with every purchase of 2 x Hegen Feeding Bottles

Week 3 Special (21th March to 27th March):
FREE Pair of Hegen Storage Lids (worth $11.80) with every purchase of 2 x Hegen Feeding Bottles

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